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What Do Our Role Models Teach?

It’s no wonder our young have such low moral standards. They have enough teachers, Role Models we like to call them, particularly in sports.

The headline today in our local newspaper has likened Football to a Blood Sport. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Two of my grandsons love to watch these “footballers” throwing themselves on the ground, at each other, running with the ball until they are caught by the legs and jumped on until the ball is retrieved.

How, I often wonder does Football keep it’s name nowadays. It seems to have little to do with feet, except for running with the ball. Brain injuries don’t seem to give the players a second thought.

The best players then become stars of the “game” and consequently appear to think they’re infallible in everything they do, be it drunken behaviour, and beating up anyone who gets in their way, often their girlfriends or wives, to drug taking and thrashing hotel rooms.

Of course this kind of behaviour is not confined to Football, we’ve all witnessed recently, the reports of drugs, cheating and bullying in the sport of Cycling and the disappointment for all of us, and the shameful downfall of those involved.

The Olympics in the UK last year saw it’s share of “Toxic Culture” by some of the swimming teams from overseas. These unfortunate, talented young people are put up on pedestalสมัครufabetเว็บแม่  s and encouraged to believe that they are Gods, and can do no wrong.

So I think that our adult society should take a lot of the responsibility for the OTT adulation showered on young athletes, who can and do suffer from it, in the end.

I love to see my grandsons taking part in sports of all kinds but I would like to see a good example of good losers too. After all, everyone can’t win every time.

A show of temper tantrums and ill will to the winners is immature, not admirable and letting down one’s team and country not to mention the very young followers who emulate their heros so much.

But bashing people, pubs, clubs and hotels has become the norm, everywhere, it seems. There is so much talent out there among young men especially, why does it ever have to end in violence.

What is wrong, or lacking in our society now, that is sending the wrong vibes and messages to our